måndag 23 september 2013

Hamlet - Summary

This story is about a kingdom in Denmark. The king had just died and his brother has taken the throne. The guards one night saw the the dead kings ghost outside the castle. The guards told the kings son Hamlet and his friend Horatio to hold guards and to watch the ghost. The ghost tells his son Hamlet that he should revenge his death. He got poisoned by Hamlets uncle. Hamlet tells a theatre group to replay the murder of his father. When they did this Hamlet would watch his uncles reactions. 

When he was visiting his mother he heard a noise behind a curtain. He stabs in to the curtain but it wasn’t a spy it was Polonius father of Ofelia. Ofelia goes mad because he’s father is dead and Hamlet goes on a ship to England. Ofelia drowns and her brother Laërtes comes home from France. He finds out his father and sister are dead because of Hamlet. 

Hamlets uncle had poisoned a cup of wine for Hamlet but Hamlets mother drinks it by mistake. Hamlet duels with Laërtes hamlets and kills Laërtes but a hit from Laërtes poisoned blade. Hamlet kills his uncle before he self dies from the poisoned blade 

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