torsdag 2 februari 2012

Illustrator and Discussion leader "Knife-edge"

Discussion leader:

Yellow: Do you like the beginning of this book?
White: Who is Sam? What have we learned about him so far?
Red: What do you feel when you read this text? does it make you sad because everyone is so afraid of the Landsharks?
Green: What would you do if you where in Sams position? Would you also get a knife?
Blue: If you wanted something that much that Sam wanted that knife, would you just steal it from someone?
Black: Do you think there’s anything bad with the text? Why?

Illustrator:   This is the knife Sam took from the man. It's all black and it has two sharp sides. 
                   He thought he needed a knife to protect himself from the Landsharks. The Landsharks
                   is a gang that Sam is afraid of. Sams best friend got a knife first and then Sam started to think                
                   if maybe he should have one too.

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  1. Nice questions and picture. You have also explained your picture to make it easy to follow something from the story.