onsdag 17 april 2013


I worked at Restaurant Stortorget. I started 10.30 and worked to 17.00. I biked to Stortorget every day. It was very nice to be in the city. I’m not there very much nowadays. 
It was pretty cool because on friday week 14 there was a lot of people on Stortorget. So I went out and saw polices and a yellow bus. And out from the bus came the king and the queen. It was very cool because I didnt know they were in Lund and i’ve never seen them before. 

When I came to the restaurant every morning I took down the chairs then I cleaned the tables and placed out forks, knives, napkinns, salt, peppar and sugar on every table.
Then I made some coffee and sliced up the bread. About 11.15 I went down to the basement and dressed up for the day. 
At 11.30 the restaurang opened for customers and I took orders, gave them menus. We were 3 people who served food. The chef rang in a little bell and that was the signal for food that was ready to be served. Then there was a number on the food so you knew which table to place the food on. It was a bit hard to remember every tablenumber in the beginning but then you learned them pretty fast. About 14.20 I had lunch. The food was amazing. So good. I had lunch for about 20 minutes then i walked down again to continue with my work. After 14.00 there wasn’t much customers the last week because of the bad wheater, but on the first week there was alot of people sitting outside in the sun. On the afternoon we stood in the bar and served drinks. Sometimes I served beer from the beertap. It was hard to learn the right technique, but i picked it up pretty fast from Dennis. 

I liked my restaurant so much. The people there was so funny and talk to me alot. It was a great atmosphere. Everyone was like bestfriends. I loved it. It was intresting to try how it is to work. Great experience. 

I dont think I would want to work in a restaurang as a waitress. It was though and it hurt in my feet. I didnt sit down all day. The working hours sucks. You can work from 11.30-02.00 maybe. And that’s though. I could work there as a summerwork. Because thats only for some weeks and it would be fun. But I really dont think it’s what im going to do when i’m a grownup. 

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