onsdag 26 september 2012

Lockies Dairy avsnitt 12

I’m having a bad conscience, because I was a bad son, bad freind and a bad boyfreind.

It wanted to go to the beach to meet Dot, so when my mum asked me to put up a sign and I said no and lied that I had to go to the beach. I had important stuff to do i said. And then mom tried to put up the sign by her self. She fell from the chair and hit her head. That was how i became a bad son.

I lied to Egg and said that I could fix the speach for the ”Save the river” meeting. And I also said I could help him with the charis. Wich i didn’t do either. Instead of making up a speach I was out with Dot. And then I lied to Dot and said there was something I hade to fix. And me and Dot decided to meet up at the windfarm 5 o’clock. So when Egg was away picking up the chairs I was chilling with Dot. And then I went home. The meeting was at half past 5. And at that time I was waiting for Dot at the windfarm while she was home watching cartoons. And when I came home Egg had held the speach by himself. And he didn’t even no what to say. So Egg became really mad at me, and I lied to Dot about me had to go when we where out surfing. So I also became a bad boyfreind. But then I fixed the dinner Egg wanted to do. So we became freinds again. And my mum gave me huge scolding so she ain’t mad at me anymore.

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