tisdag 21 augusti 2012

English Verbs with Lockie Leonard

1 Lockie lives in Australia.                                     
They LIVE in Australia

2 Lockie and his family move to a new town.         
The family MOVED to an new town, Angelus.

3 His father is the new police chief.                         
Lockie and his brother STARTS new in school.

4 They dislike their house.                                       
The mother DISLIKES the house a lot.

5 The baby sister cries.                                             
Lockie's brother CRIES out loud when he sings.

6 Lockie starts high school.                                     
Lockie's father STARTS his new job. 

7 Lockie falls and the surf board hits him.               
The surfers FALLS. Boof HITS Lockie off the board.

8 Lockie meets a boy, Egg, at the beach.                 
Lockie, this brother and his father MET the preacher.

9 Lockie and his younger brother sleep in the same room.   
The baby sister SLEEPS in her cot.

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