fredag 13 januari 2012

Summary of Goldilocks and the three bears

Goldilocks is a girl with golden curls. She likes to go out in to the wood for a walk in the woods. The bears is one big father bear, one middle size bear, called mother bear and one small baby bear. The bears eats porridge every morning. One day the porridge is to hot so they wents out for a walk. At the same time Goldilocks is out in the woods. She saw the house and she was really hungry and tired so she calls out:
Is anybody home? no answer and she walks in to the house. She tries all chairs and she doesen’t like anyone so she taste the porridge. Baby bears porridge is perfect so she eats it all up. She walks to the beds to slepp, baby bears bed is so comfortable so she fall a sleep. Then when the bears is back they find her and she wakes up. She gets so scared so she runs out of the house very fast. 

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  1. Bra innehåll. Kontrollera verben och håll dig till samma tempus.