onsdag 5 december 2012

The greatest invention of all time

I think that one of the greatest invention is the mobile phone. It’s good because you can call and text friends easy and fast. You dont need to go, bike, drive to your friend if you have to say something important, you can just text them, or call them. Nowadays the mobile phone is so small and smart. You can have internet on your phone, and it’s so small that you can have it in your pocket. Nowadays you can have everything on your phone, games, movies, internet, mail, camera, everything...
 You can call someone fast if there is an emergency, for example the cops or an ambulance. If you are out with friends and your parents are worried they can call you.
The bad things with a phone is that you can get addicted or unfocused. On a lesson you might text someone or play games. You can get brain damages by the radiation.

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