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Summary: Oliver Twist av Charles Dickens

In 1830 a boy was born. His mother died when she gave birth to the boy. The boys name was Oliver Twist. He was born in a workhouse because his mother was so poor. The workhouse didn’t keep young children. So the workhouse sent the boy away. They sent him to an old woman, who was called mrs Mann. Mrs Mann didn’t want to keep Oliver but she would get money if she did. So she said it was okey. She wasn’t very nice to Oliver and he almost didn’t get any food. Oliver stayed with the old woman for nine years. After nine years a fat man called Mr Bumble took Oliver back to the workhouse, where he was born. He was now old enough to work in the workhouse. The boy was happy to leave the unkind woman, but when he saw the cold and dark workhouse he cried. Oliver had to work to get a room in the workhouse. He worked in the garden all day. When they had supper they where allways still hungry. One day the other boys forced Oliver to ask for som more soup. The cook got angry when Oliver asked for more. The cook told Mr Bumble that Oliver Twist has asked for more. Mr Bumble said he had to teach Oliver a lesson. He shut Oliver up in a cold, dark room. He cried all night and he sleept on the  stone floor. On the morning Mr Bumble kicked Oliver to wake him up. He slept in the cold, dark room every night for a week. Then one night Oliver thought of a way to escape, so he could run away and get a job. He opened the door and quietly moved through the workhouse. He got to the door and climbed over the wall. Then Oliver ran for eight kilometres. His target was London. But it was 100 kilometres away. On the way he stoped by the houses on the way and asked for food. 
When Oliver reached London he sat on a street and cried. A boy called Artful Dodger walked to Oliver and asked why he was crying. Oliver told his story and Dodger said that Oliver could live with him and his friends. He took Oliver to an old house. There was an old man in the house, called Fagin, and some other children. Fagin was friendly. 
Next day Fagin played a game with the children. Fagin had money in his pocket and the boys was supposed to take it without Fagin noticing it. 
Then Oliver and Dodger went to the streets of London. Dodger said that they were supposed to take money form an old rich man across the street. Dodger took the money and Oliver didn’t run, untill it was to late. The gentleman saw Oliver running away and cried out. Thief!!! Stop that boy! He took my money! Men and women ran after Oliver and he couldn’t escape. The people stopped Oliver and the old gentlemen, called Mr Brownlow, felt sorry for Oliver. And the police arrived. Oliver said he didn’t take the money. But the policeman didn’t believe him. But Mr Brownlow saved Oliver and said that Oliver didn’t take the money. After that Oliver lived with Mr Brownlow and Oliver was for the first time in his life happy. 
Fagin was afraid that Oliver would tell the police that they are thieves. Fagin told everyone to bring him back. Fagin sent Nancy to the police to find Oliver. The police said that Oliver was with a man called Mr Brownlow and he lives in Pentonville. Then Fagin sent Nancy and Sikes to bring Oliver back home. They saw Oliver walking on the street. They took Oliver with them and back home to Fagin. Oliver tried to escape when the other boys had a fight but Sikes dog stopped him. The boy can’t leave again, said Fagin. We have to teach him how to steal, then he cant escape beacuse of the police. 
Sikes needed Oliver to his next job with a burglary and Oliver had to climb through a small window. Oliver climbed through the window and tried to tell the people in the house. Oliver droped his oil lamp and two men came out from a room and shot Oliver. Sikes pulled Oliver out from the window and started to run with Oliver on his back. People ran to catch them and Sikes threw Oliver in to the grass and run away by himself. The people didnt see Oliver and he fellt a sleep. Oliver woke uo next morning and saw blood on his clothes. He started to cry and ran out on the road, He came to a house. A woman opened, Rose, she took him in the his house and helped him. Oliver told her everything. Oliver was happy in his new home. Mr Monks told Fagin that he knew where Oliver lived and he wanted to kill him. He wanted to kill Oliver because Oliver was his brother. When Monks and Olivers father died, the father wanted to give all his money to Oliver. Monks told him that Oliver was dead so he got all the money. If someone found out Monks will be in trouble. Nancy heard the conversation and ran to Olivers new house to tell him. When was on her way back and one of the thieves killed her. Oliver told Rose what Nancy said. Rose realized that Oliver couldn’t stay with her anymore. She told Mr Brownlow and Oliver hid in Mr Brownlows house. Mr Brownlow told the police about Olivers story. The police found Fagin and Monks and put them in prison. Oliver got all his fathers money. Olivers father was very rich so Oliver got a lot of money. Rose was Olivers aunt so Oliver lived with her. 

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